STELLAR - BLOKE COTTON 6pc Package A (811LPHZ, 810, 850, 840, 860, 811RPHZ)


Universal in its appeal, the Stellar modular collection has all the right moves. Its generously scaled silhouette delivers a motion seating experience akin to floating on a plush upholstered cloud. Its power zero-gravity recliners deliver ultimate relaxation while its clean lines and fine tailoring make it the perfect choice for design enthusiasts.

Width 119 in.
Depth 132 in.
Height 40 in.


Cover: Bloke Cotton
Material: 96% Poly 4% acrylic (W)


  •  Zero-gravity recliner design promotes health by evenly distributing weight; reducing pressure points and spine compression; relieving stress, sore muscles and joints; and improving breathing, digestion, and circulation.
  • Can be operated cord-free and placed anywhere in the room without proximity to and outlet with the addition of a FreeMotion® cordless battery pack.
  • Recliners feature integrated USB/ USB-C charger with IntelliSwitch technology that automatically senses and turns off its power draw.
  • Contrasting welt outlines the stunning design of this fashionable model