GERSHWIN - VERONA ROYAL BLUE - Powered By FreeMot Power Zero Gravity Recliner


Width 33 in.
Depth 38 in.
Height 43 in.

Cover: Verona Royal Blue
Material: Top Grain Leather with Match (X)

  • Comes equipped with a FreeMotion® cordless battery pack. Find out more.
  • P2: Power seat and headrest provide stress-relieving comfort
  • Features integrated USB charger with patneted IntelliSwitch with auto ON/OFF function for managing power draw
  • Built-in FreeMotion® cordless battery pack allows it to be operated cord-free and placed anywhere in the room without proximity to an outlet and offers up to 450 cyles of the motor on a charge.
  • Innovative zero-gravity design offers four relaxtion angles: Upright, TV/Reading, Zero-Gravity, and Therapeutic position
  • Zero-gravity design promotes health by evenly distributing weight; reducing pressure points and spine compression; relieving stress, sore muscles and joints; and improving breathing, digestion, and circulation
  • High-tech motor delivers ultra-smooth, power reclining at the touch of a button
  • High-grade foam layer (1.8- to 2.2-density) adds plush cushioning and maintains its appearance over time